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Video: MBDA’s extended range CAMM anti-air missile completes trials

French missile specialist MBDA announced the completion of a series of trials of its Common Anti-air Modular Missile Extended Range (CAMM-ER) air defense missile.

According to the company, the trials spanned the past few months and saw a series of successful firings of CAMM-ER that proved the performance of the missile at extended ranges and high altitudes while conducting a number of maneuvers.

CAMM-ER is the extended range member of the new-generation CAMM air defense family of weapons. All members of the CAMM family share the same active radar seeker and soft-launch system, with CAMM-ER featuring a larger rocket motor to provide extended range out beyond 40 km.

CAMM and CAMM-ER form the basis for MBDA’s enhanced modular air defense solutions (EMADS) offering. EMADS brings together systems and technologies from across MBDA’s European base to save time, development costs and provide a flexible system for air defense provision. CAMM-ER, meant to replace the existing Aspide munition, is expected to be integrated in the air defense system of the Italian Air Force and Italian Army.

CAMM-based air defence systems are known as Land Ceptor and Sea Ceptor by the British Army and Royal Navy.

The Italian Navy is also evaluating how to include the missile family with its future surface combatants.