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Boeing unveils its design for US Army’s FARA competition

Photo: Boeing

Aerospace and defense technology company Boeing has unveiled the design of the aircraft system it is pitching for the US Army’s Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft (FARA) prototype competition.

While yet unnamed, Boeing’s FARA aircraft is designed to meet the army’s desired cruise speed of 180-knots.

According to the company’s FARA program manager Shane Openshaw, the aircraft design has three rotors, comprising a six-bladed main rotor, a four-bladed tail rotor and four-bladed pusher propeller on the back.

As noted by Boeing, the thrust compounded single-main rotor helicopter boasts a six-bladed rotor system, a single engine, tandem seating and a modular cockpit with a reconfigurable large area display and autonomous capabilities.

“We’re offering more than a helicopter – we’re offering an affordable and fully integrated system for the Army, the mission and the future. We’ve blended innovation, ingenuity and proven rotorcraft experience with extensive testing and advanced analysis to offer a very compelling solution,” said Mark Cherry, vice president and general manager of Boeing’s Phantom Works.

“We listened to the Army, assessed all alternatives, and optimized our design to provide the right aircraft to meet the requirements,” said Shane Openshaw. “We are offering a very reliable, sustainable and flexible aircraft with a focus on safety and the future fight.”

FARA will fill a critical gap in army aviation for an advanced light attack and reconnaissance capability, previously held by the now-retired Bell OH-58D Kiowa Warrior.

Boeing is one of four companies taking part in the FARA competition. AVX and L3 unveiled their FARA design in April 2019, while Bell also revealed its Bell 360 Invictus last year.

The other competitors include Karem, who has teamed up with Northrop and Raytheon to offer its AR-40 solution while Sikorsky is pitching its Raider X aircraft.