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Ireland orders 120 troop carrying vehicles from Scania

Scania 4x4
Photo: Irish defense ministry

The Irish defense ministry has ordered 120 new 4X4 troop carrying vehicles (TCVs) from Westward Scania.

The new vehicle type to be supplied is the P370 B4x4, as a replacement for the current fleet of TCVs which entered service between 1998 and 2003.

According to the defense ministry, the contract has a value of 24.6 million euro.

“The purchase of the vehicles is in line with the commitment given in the White Paper and the National Development Plan Project 2040 to continue investment in modern equipment for defense forces personnel and the obligations of the state to provide appropriate support and assets to our defense forces personnel,” Irish defense minister Paul Kehoe said.

The principal role of the TCV is troop transport, as well as artillery gun-towing and carriage of stores. In addition, the vehicles can be deployed on “aid to the civil authority” (ATCA) activities during flooding, extreme weather events or other emergencies.

The award of the contract follows a detailed open tender competition initiated in 2019 and concluded earlier this year. The first vehicles are scheduled for delivery in 2020 with delivery of all 120 vehicles concluding by 2023.