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Philippines welcomes “world’s largest aluminium patrol vessel”

BRP Gabriela Silang
BRP Gabriela Silang at sea. Photo: Ocea

The Philippines Coast Guard has welcomed its newest offshore patrol vessel, BRP Gabriela Silang, after it got underway from France in December 2019.

Often dubbed as the “world’s largest aluminium patrol vessel”, the 84-meter Gabriela Silang was built by French shipbuilder Ocea who based the vessel on its OPV 270 design.

The OPV had initially been expected to arrive in Manilla in January this year, but it was tasked by the Philippine government with its first rescue operation of Filipino nationals in the Mediterranean Sea for a few weeks, shortly after leaving the French coast.

According to the shipbuilder, BRP Gabriela Silang arrived in the Philippines on April 7, and will now be assigned to transport patients or medical supplies as part of the Covid-19 health crisis.

Gabriela Silang was delivered by Ocea shipyards as part a 2014 deal for the delivery of a total of 5 boats, four 24-meter fast-patrol boats and the BRP Gabriela Silang.