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Russia’s Zala Aero develops new hybrid VTOL UAV

Photo: Zala Aero

Russian unmanned aerial vehicle manufacturer Zala Aero announced the development of a new multipurpose hybrid vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) UAV, named Zala 421-16EV.

Being a hybrid VTOL, Zala 421-16EV features an adaptive system that allows it to both like a helicopter and a fixed-wing aircraft.

Before being going into serial production, the system passed both factory tests and successfully proved itself in the field work, the company said, adding that it was demonstrated to representatives of the companies of the fuel and energy complex.

The UAV broadcasts video stream in HD quality, allowing the ground station operator to examine the streaming video in the detail. It can stay in the air for 2 hours, with a cruising speed of up to 110 km\h. The company noted that the main advantage is the absence of catapult launching, which requires a dedicated launching and landing area.