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Rheinmetall, Lockheed team up for Canadian land vehicle training system bid

Project LVCTS
Illustration: Canadian Armed Forces photo of a light armored vehicle (LAV 6)

German defense contractor Rheinmetall announced it has joined forces with Lockheed Martin in pursuit of the Canadian Army’s land vehicle crew training system (LVCTS) contract.

Rheinmetall Canada will take the lead in a partnership that includes Lockheed Martin Canada, Rheinmetall Electronics of Bremen, Germany, and Lockheed Martin Training and Logistics Solutions in Orlando, Florida.

The entities will work together on offering the Canadian Army a solution for the LVTCS project that will provide a networked crew training system for the light armored vehicle (LAV) 6.0, the Leopard (LEO) 2, and the tactical armored patrol vehicle (TAPV) fleets that will enable crew members to train without using real vehicles.

The LVCTS solution offered by the two companies will enable the Canadian Army to conduct training at the individual, crew, platoon, and higher echelon levels using high- to medium-fidelity reconfigurable trainers, as well as standard trainee workstations.

Rheinmetall says the software will be common to all levels of training and designed to generate increasingly challenging situations, including the ability to realistically simulate various terrain types, weather conditions, capabilities, and tactics. The system will also include a learning management system that allows for customization of training scenarios, monitoring of trainee progress, and after-action review.

“Lockheed Martin Canada is proud to partner with Rheinmetall on an LVCTS solution for the Canadian Army”, says Lorraine Ben, Chief Executive, Lockheed Martin Canada. “Building on 80 years of support to the Canadian Armed Forces, we look forward to leveraging our team’s skills and experience, including in world-class simulation and training systems.”

Lockheed Martin Training and Logistics Solutions is a leading provider of army training solutions worldwide including the world’s two largest virtual collective training systems—the US Army’s Close Combat Tactical Trainer (CCTT) and the UK Combined Arms Tactical Trainer (UK CATT).