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Serbia unveils M-20 MRAP 6×6 armored vehicle

M-20 6x6 MRAP vehicle
Photo: Serbia defense ministry

The Serbian defense ministry has unveiled the new M-20 Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) 6×6 armored vehicle during a visit of Serbian defense minister Aleksandar Vulin to the Zastava TERVO plant in Kragujevac, where the vehicle has been developed.

The prototype vehicle features ballistic and IED protection and comes equipped with a 12,7 mm turret.

The vehicle is based on the 2228 chassis produced by Fabrika automobila Priboj (FAP) and has been jointly developed by the country’s military technical institute and Zastava TERVO.

The vehicle can transport 3 plus 9 soldiers and can be used for various purposes thanks to its modular design.

As explained by Nenad Miloradović, Serbia’s acting assistant minister for material resources, the M-20 will belong to a new family of Serbian Army vehicles. The first, composed of the already introduced Lazar and Milos vehicles, is based on independent suspension systems as featured on vehicles in service with “Western-European” militaries. The new family, which will be considerably cheaper according to Miloradović, will be based on single axle suspension locally produced by FAP. Serbia also plans to develop a single-axle 4×4 vehicle.

It has been noted that the M-20 will be able to carry other weapon systems and additional modular armor, depending on the vehicle’s purpose.