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Israel’s Rafael teams with PGZ to offer Spike NLOS for Polish tank destroyer program

Spike NLOS
Photo: Rafael

Israel’s RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems announced it is joining Poland’s Ottokar-Brzoza tank destroyer program in close cooperation with Polish Conglomerate PGZ.

PGZ is competing in the program with BWP-1 and KTO ROSOMAK armored platforms, which Rafael will equip with its new multi-missile launcher design including eight ready-for-launch Spike NLOS missiles.

With a standoff range of 32km, SPIKE NLOS is the longest range variant of the SPIKE family, featuring all-weather performance, enabling the weapon to effectively prosecute enemy tank formations.

As highlighted by the company, SPIKE NLOS is a 5th Generation ATGM, which includes an electro-optical guidance unit, enabling passive target engagement (no laser emission, radar signals or GPS-dependence).

To meet a key requirement of the tank destroyer program in Poland, the standoff weapon of choice must be able to cope with any type of terrain, including urban, as normally invading formations will use urban areas for quick supply.

The Rafael system is also slated to compete in the future “Kruk” program of the new Polish attack helicopter.