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Japan’s newly-established space force unveils official logo

Japan Space Force logo
Photo: Japan Air Self Defense Force

Japan’s own space force squadron, established in May this year with the primary aim of protecting the country’s satellites, has unveiled its official logo.

The Koku-Jietai Space Operations Squadron will additionally provide satellite-based navigation and communications for other branches of Japan Self Defense Forces.

A 20-person team is currently working on training and setting out surveillance methods before the squadron starts its actual tasks sometime in 2023.

Japan said the new unit would cooperate with US Space Command, which was also established just last year.

The logo of the Space Operations Squadron, which is part of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force, contains a cross in the front as a symbol of the universe. Earth and satellite orbits represent constant monitoring while the six circles stand for the defense ministry’s first space surveillance radar. The twenty stars scattered across the logo means that the unit was formed in 2020.

Japan noted it established the squadron at a time of growing concern that China and Russia are looking for ways to manipulate or neutralize other satellites.

“It is important that we gain superiority in the space domain as well,” Japan’s defense minister Taro Kono said at the launch ceremony in May this year. “We must adapt to the new security environment as soon as possible.”