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Northrop contracts Saab for US Marine Corps G/ATOR radar work

G/ATOR US Marine Corps
G/ATOR at at Cannon Air Defense Complex (P111), Yuma, Ariz. Photo: US Marine Corps

Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation has awarded Swedish defense company Saab a $36.7 million contract for deliveries in support of the US Marine Corps’ AN/TPS-80 Ground/Air Task Oriented Radar G/ATOR.

The order includes components and subsystems in support of the full rate production phase for the short- to medium-range phased array radar that will provide an air defense/air surveillance (AD/SR) radar capability to the USMC.

The three-dimensional multirole radar is capable of detecting low-observable, low-radar-cross-section targets such as rockets, artillery, mortars, cruise missiles, and manned and unmanned aerial systems. It is being developed and fielded in three blocks. The blocks will cover aviation and ground missions and replace three in-service legacy radars as well as fill a capability gap created by two already retired systems.

US Marine Corps intends to acquire a total of 57 G/ATOR systems.

Saab’s deliveries relating to this contract will take place between 2020 and 2021 from its facility in Syracuse, New York, USA.

The initial full rate production contract, awarded to Saab in 2019, also includes options for additional sets of assemblies and associated spares over a five-year period until 2024. Saab has been a major partner with Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation since the initial G/ATOR system design and development contract award in 2007.

“Through Saab’s strong partnership with Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation, we continue to advance the G/ATOR program in support of the US Marine Corps. Each delivery of the G/ATOR system improves the capability and effectiveness of our armed forces and represents Saab’s enduring commitment to advancing the safety and security of our US stakeholders,” said Erik Smith, president and CEO of Saab in the US.