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Royal Saudi Air Force receives final F-15SA fighter

F-15SA flight in 2013
US Air Force photo of the Royal Saudi Air Force F-15SA flight in 2013

The Royal Saudi Air Force has received the final of 84 F-15SA advanced fighter aircraft, the US Air Force Life Cycle Management Center has announced.

The final ferry flight on December 10 marked the completion of a $29 billion foreign military sales agreement reached in 2010.

Built and delivered by Boeing, the F-15SA is an advanced version of the F-15S currently operated by the Royal Saudi Air Force. The first F-15SA flew in 2013, three years after contract award.

The new aircraft sports a digital electronic warfare suite, fly-by-wire flight control system, an infrared search-and-track system, Active Electronically Scanned Array radar, advanced cockpit displays and Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing Systems among other advancements.

In addition to the newbuilds Saudi Arabia is also upgrading all of its surviving F-15S aircraft to the new F-15SA standard. The country has procured 70 conversion kits for the undertaking.

“The F-15 Strike Eagle is a world-renowned dual role fighter with an already exemplary reputation. These dramatically advanced versions of that battle-tested platform provide a strong deterrent capability to potential aggressors and strengthen our long and important relationship with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,” said Col. Ronald E. Dunlap III, AFLCMC F-15SA Security Assistance program manager. “I’m extremely proud of our AFLCMC team working with Boeing and alongside the Royal Saudi Air Force over the past several years to deliver this vital capability.”

In addition to the new aircraft, the FMS case from 2010 also includes associated spares, stores, simulators, training, technical documentation, base construction and other related logistical and program support.