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Brazilian Army receives first LMV-BR 4×4 from Iveco

Brazilian Army receives first LMV-BR 4x4 from Iveco
Photo: Iveco

The Brazilian Army has taken delivery of its first LMV-BR tactical vehicle as part of the VBMT-LR (Viatura Blindada Multitarefa, Leve de Rodas) 4×4 program.

The April 27 handover marked the start of deliveries of a total of 32 LMV-BR vehicles, which will be supplied by Iveco Defence Vehicles under a contract signed in 2019.

Iveco is to deliver the remaining 31 4x4s from its plant in Sete Lagoas (MG) by 2022 as part of the Army modernization process.

The LMV-BR was chosen in 2015 by the Brazilian Army for its VBMT-LR program. The final assembly of the vehicles is carried out at the Sete Lagoas plant, where several national components are integrated. The project foresees the acquisition of 186 units, and Iveco expects to start production of the next batches in 2022. Back in 2016, Brazil said it hoped to order close to 1,500 units for its army.

The 4×4 has a maximum weight of close to 8 tons and can transport five personnel. In addition to Brazil, the vehicle is in service in diferrent variant with over 15 other countries.

Iveco Defence Vehicles is already supplying the Brazilian Army with the Guarani VBTP 6×6 amphibious armored family of vehicles. More than 480 units have now been delivered since 2012, after the signature in 2009 of the production contract. Several units of VBTP 6×6 have already been exported to other customers.