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Indonesia launches futuristic trimaran warship Golok-688

Indonesia trimaran KRI Golok
Photo: PT Lundin

The Republic of Indonesia Navy launched a one of a kind trimaran warship in a ceremony on August 21.

The launching and naming ceremony for the ship, which will be known as KRI Golok-688, took place at PT Lundin’s Banyuwangi, East Java, shipyard.

Referred to as a fast missile ship by the Indonesian Navy, Golok is actually the second in its class. The first one, KRI Klewang, was launched in 2012 and was completely destroyed in a fire outbreak just four weeks after its launch.

Speaking at the launch ceremony, Indonesia’s Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Yudo Margono said KRI Golok-688 was the country’s first ship made of composite materials, benefitting from a lighter weight, excellent fatigue resistance and improved corrosion resistance.

Photo: Indonesian Navy

According to shipbuilder’s specifications, KRI Golok has a length of 63 meters, and a displacement of 245 tons. Powered by four engines, the ship has stated maximum speed of 28 knots and a crew of 25. The warship is armed with a 30 mm cannon and 12.7 mm guns.

Admiral Yudo Margono added that the launch of the trimaran had a strategic meaning for PT. Lundin, solidifying the shipbuilder’s position as one of the national defense companies that has successfully developed an indigenous warship design, thereby reducing Indonesia’s dependence on other countries.

PT Lundin describes the fast attack craft as a modern “wave piercing” trimaran design, with stealth design characteristics, thanks to reduced radar, infra-red, acoustic and magnetic signatures.

This is not the first peculiar vessel design the company has come up with. Earlier this year, the company unveiled a “tank boat” – an 18-meter foil assisted catamaran with an integrated Cockerill HP 105mm turret.