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BAE, Malloy Aeronautics unveil all-electric torpedo-hauling UAS

T-650 electric UAS
Photo: BAE Systems

BAE Systems and Malloy Aeronautics have announced plans to explore the development of an all-electric heavy lift unmanned aerial system (UAS) for military, security and civilian customers.

The all-electric powered concept vehicle was showcased at the DSEI 2021 defense exhibition in London with a Sting Ray torpedo attached to its frame.

Dubbed T-650, the electric UAS has a top speed of 140 kilometers per hour and the ability to carry a 300kg payload at a range of 30 kilometers.

As explained by the companies, the technology could be used for a range of applications such as performing ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore movements to support military and security operations and logistics.

The companies added they are exploring opportunities to collaborate on capability, design, manufacture and marketing of the concept vehicle.

“Beyond the military capabilities, there is also clear potential in the commercial, security and humanitarian arenas. Our goal is to work together with BAE Systems to ensure that our capabilities are not just the first and best for defense, but that they become the future workhorse to keep all our personnel safe,” Oriol Badia, CEO, Malloy Aeronautics, said.

“Bringing together Malloy’s proven track record of innovative technology in this field, with our understanding of the military operating environment and extensive engineering and systems integration experience, will enable us to develop a sustainable and cost-effective solution for both military and commercial customers,” Dave Holmes, advanced projects, technology and manufacturing director, BAE Systems’ Air Sector, said.