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Spain’s Indra to deliver its Pegaso combat system for South Korean KSS III subs

ROK Navy photo of KSS III submarine Dosan Ahn Chang-ho

Spanish defense contractor Indra announced it has signed a contract with South Korean shipbuilder Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering (DSME) to equip the Batch II KSS III submarines being built for the Republic of Korea Navy with the Pegaso electronic defense system.

Pegaso monitors the electromagnetic signals emitted in its environment to collect intelligence (SIGINT), combining the functions of the radar and communications signal measurement support system (RESM/CESM).

The solution integrates both sensors in a single antenna to increase its efficiency, save space and reduce the radar section of the submarine itself, making it difficult for the enemy to detect it.

It also incorporates a true wideband digital reception, or “True Wideband Digital Reception”, which covers a wide spectrum of the radar and communications band to increase the probability of interception of any ship or aircraft that is in the submarine’s environment.

Indra said it would work with South Korea’s Hanwha Defense to integrate the Pegaso with the locally-developed combat systems (CMS).

Indra has been awarded this contract after having equipped three KSS III submarines from the first batch of this program.

South Korea has so far launched three KSS-III diesel-electric submarines, with the first one entering service in August this year. As the first of a class of up to nine boats, Dosan Ahn Chang-ho is leading a trials program that included South Korea’s first submarine launched ballistic missile (SLBM) test.

The second batch of KSS-III submarines is expected to feature lithium-ion battery systems for increased autonomy and improved sonar and combat systems capabilities.