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US Marines pick Northrop to deliver new NGHTS handheld targeting systems

Photo: Northrop Grumman

The US Marine Corps has selected Northrop Grumman to deliver the Next Generation Handheld Targeting System (NGHTS) to the service.

NGHTS is a lightweight, man-portable system that enables marines to quickly acquire targets; perform guidance against targets; and generate target location data during combat operations.

The new targeting device will replace four legacy systems, the portable lightweight designator rangefinder, joint terminal attack controller, laser target designator and thermal laser spot imager.

In addition to providing improved capabilities compared to older systems, NGHTS will be capable of operating in GPS-denied environments. The system’s high-definition infrared sensors provide accuracy and grid capability over extended ranges, while additional features include a high-definition color display and day/night celestial compasses.

The solution from Northrop Grumman was selected over those by BAE Systems, Elbit Systems of America, and Fraser Optics, all of whom received contracts in 2018 to refine their targeting systems for the competition.

“NGHTS will significantly enhance the ability of marines to identify ground targets under a wide range of conditions,” said Bob Gough, vice president, navigation, targeting and survivability, Northrop Grumman. “Connected to military networks, NGHTS can provide superior situational awareness and accurate coordinates for the delivery of effects from beyond the line of sight.”