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Spain picks Naval Strike Missile to replace ageing Harpoons

Naval Strike Missile
Photo: Kongsberg

The Spanish Navy has chosen Kongsberg’s Naval Strike Missile (NSM) that will equip current and future frigates and replace the ageing RGM-84 Harpoon missiles currently in service.

The company itself confirmed the selection after the decision was first reported by Norwegian media.

NSM will be employed by the current F-100 Álvaro de Bazán class frigates and future F-110 frigates.

Kongsberg revealed no further details on the deal, noting only that quantities and delivery schedules would be revealed once an official contract is signed.

Once fielded, the NSM will enable Spanish frigates to engage land targets, thanks to its GPS navigation system and a laser altimeter.

NSM is also regarded as a fifth-generation missile with a low radar signature and can go up against well-defended targets.

Kongsberg also touts the missile’s survivability thanks to passive sensors, low sea skimming altitude, terrain following flight, high agility with selectable end-game flight profiles and precise designated time-on-target.

NSM is employed by Norwegian frigates and corvettes and is in operation with the Polish Navy. The missile is also in production for the US Navy, US Marine Corps and the Royal Malaysian Navy, with the navies of Australia, Canada and Germany as new customers.