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US Army picks four to prototype its new common tactical truck

Prototype design contracts for new US Army tactical trucks
US Army file photo of HEMTT trucks currently in service

The US Army announced it has selected four companies to work on prototypes for its new common tactical truck (CTT) family of vehicles.

Mack Defense, Navistar Defense, Oshkosh Defense, and the American Rheinmetall Vehicles/GM Defense team received contracts totaling $24.25 million to provide three prototypes of each variant of the CTT.

The prototypes will represent their offering for the M915 line haul tractor and M1088 medium tractor; palletized load system (PLS); and heavy expanded mobility tactical truck (HEMTT).

The CTT is a family of vehicles to replace the M915 line haul tractor and M1088 medium tractor; PLS; and HEMTT. The program to replace the current family of heavy tactical trucks could in up to 40,000 new trucks being built, valued at up to $14 billion.

Vendors will also provide digital designs of all variants and a design study for a wrecker. This rapid prototyping phase aims to inform the Army whether commercially based variants can meet military requirements.

According to Wolfgang Petermann, project manager, Transportation Systems, PEO CS&CSS, the CTT program is intended to redesign the fleet to integrate commercial technologies such as advanced driver assist systems, autonomy ready (foundation for future autonomy), fuel efficiency, exportable power, as well as prognostics and predictive maintenance.

“This approach allows the Army to modernize at the pace of industry, integrating new technologies as they are developed. Additionally, commonality in the CTT Family of Vehicles will enable open modular designs and interchangeable repair parts across the fleet, resulting in streamlined supply chains and reduced total lifecycle costs,” Petermann said.

The service expects to start evaluation of the initial delivered prototypes in the beginning of 2024. Using the results from the prototype evaluation, the program office, in conjunction with the Army’s Sustainment requirements community, will present the subsequent capabilities development document to the Army Requirements Oversight Council (AROC), with a decision expected in Fiscal Year 2026.