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Germany delivers 18 Leopard 2 battle tanks to Ukraine

Leopard 2 tank
Photo: German defense ministry

Germany has delivered 18 Leopard 2 combat tanks, along with ammunition and spare parts packages, to Ukraine, the country’s defense ministry announced on March, 27.

“Our tanks have arrived on time, as promised, in the hands of our Ukrainian friends. I am confident that they will make a decisive contribution on the front! Together with Sweden and Portugal, we have committed to a combat unit. To fulfill this commitment, Germany even delivered four more tanks than originally planned. You can rely on us,” German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius said.

During a joint meeting in Brussels on March 20, the foreign and defense ministers of the European Union discussed their views on supporting Ukraine and the progress made in implementing the EU’s strategic compass.

At the meeting, Pistorius announced that the Ukrainian armed forces would receive Leopard 2 main battle tanks and that German Marder armored personnel carriers had already been sent to Ukraine. Ukrainian crews underwent training in Germany, and Ukraine led the EU training mission EUMAM in Germany, training over 1,000 soldiers in the use of Leopard 2 tanks, Marder vehicles, and air defense systems.

As previously announced, the defense ministries of Germany, the Netherlands, and Denmark will be jointly financing the refurbishment of old Leopard 1 A5 tanks for their transfer to Ukraine.

Poland led the way in providing Ukraine with four Leopard 2 main battle tanks, becoming the first European country to do so. Following Poland’s lead, Spain and Finland have also announced their plans to send Leopard 2 tanks to aid in Ukraine’s defense.