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Lithuanian Army orders more heavy utility trucks from Germany

Photo: Lithuanian Ministry of Defense

Lithuania’s Defense Resources Agency has signed a contract with Germany’s Daimler Truck for the acquisition of 230 Arocs and 141 Zetros trucks.

Valued at approximately 216 million euros, the new contract is made to enhance the defense capabilities of the Lithuanian Army. The service procured specialized Arocs trucks equipped with all necessary components, as well as Zetros trucks featuring cranes. The delivery of these trucks is scheduled to take place between 2023 and 2030.

The Lithuanian army already possesses 25 Arocs special purpose trucks, which were acquired in 2021. These trucks have a maximum cargo capacity of 17 tons and are capable of transporting various items such as ammunition for self-propelled howitzers like the PzH 2000, as well as containers, vehicles, equipment, and other military supplies.

Additionally, Zetros trucks with a load-carrying capacity of 10 tons will play a vital role in facilitating the logistics operations of the Lithuanian army. Presently, the army already operates 8 trucks of different variations from the Zetros brand.

The newly acquired Zetros trucks will possess the capability to load, unload, and transport ammunition for salvo missile systems, along with other military equipment. Their inclusion will contribute to the seamless execution of logistical tasks.

“Modern military equipment allows our soldiers to better prepare for logistical operations and ensure the necessary mobility. From the lessons of the war in Ukraine, we know how important it is to have high-quality equipment capable of transporting the necessary equipment and ammunition to any point,” said Minister of National Defense Arvydas Anušauskas.

Furthermore, as part of the ongoing effort to equip the Lithuanian army with military vehicles, a total of 34 UNIMOG U5000 tactical trucks with a capacity of 5 tons are scheduled for delivery in July of this year.

Additionally, by the end of this year, approximately 120 military non-armored off-road vehicles from the G-class series will also be supplied.