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US Army taps RTX for next-generation targeting sensor systems

Photo: US Army

The US Army granted a contract worth $117.5 million to RTX for the production of 3rd Generation Forward Looking Infrared (3GEN FLIR) B-Kit sensors at a low-rate initial level.

As per the agreement, RTX will supply 3GEN FLIR B-Kit sensors to the United States Army’s combat platforms, such as the Abrams Main Battle Tanks, along with the possibility of including optionally manned fighting vehicles.

The 3GEN FLIR B-Kit is platform-agnostic, providing a unified operational view for ground combat vehicles. It offers standoff capabilities for target detection, recognition, and identification, stated the company.

RTX’s dual-band infrared system generates detailed images, enabling visibility in challenging conditions, even at larger distances. This technology supports mission planning and execution by delivering critical imagery for informed decision-making.

“This technology supports the US Army’s modernization effort to ensure the force is ready to address near-peer competitors,” said Torrey Cady, vice president, Electro-Optical & Infrared Solutions at Raytheon. “Our technological advancements in the sensors reduce latency and give military forces a critical battlefield edge by exceeding overall performance of prior generation systems.”

The targeting sensor systems are set to improve lethality, survivability, and situational awareness in challenging environments, ensuring a combat advantage for the ground combat platforms.