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Israeli Air Force expands fleet with 25 additional F-35 fighter jets

The Israeli Ministry of Defense, through a new purchase agreement with the US government, revealed its acquisition of 25 "Adir" F-35 aircraft...
F-35I Adir

Newest Adir trio brings Israel’s F-35 fleet to 33 airframes

Three new Israeli Air Force “Adir” F-35I fighter jets landed at Nevatim air base in southern Israel on March 24, bringing the...
Total number of F-35 fighters delivered to Israel

Israel receives additional F-35As, bringing total Adir fleet to 30

The Israeli Air Force (IAF) has taken delivery of new F-35A fighters, rounding the number of the stealth aircraft in its fleet...
Israeli F-35s at Nevatim Air Base

Israel receives three new F-35s for its 116th ‘Lions of the...

The delivery on April 26 brings the total number of F-35 fighters Lockheed Martin delivered to the Israeli Air Force to 27.

Israel receives its unique experimental F-35I Adir fighter

The Israeli Air Force has taken delivery of a unique experimental F-35I Adir aircraft which arrived at the IAF Flight Testing Center...

Israel’s second F-35 squadron declared operational

Israel is expected to be second-largest international F-35 operator with 50 units on order

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