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Australian defense forces set up COVID-19 support operation

The Australian defense ministry announced it would expand its support to the national COVID-19 pandemic response with the establishment of operation COVID-19...
Shoalwater Bay Training Area

Australia, Singapore sign training site access treaty

Singapore will get access to training areas approximately 10 times its own territory.

Australia contracts Raytheon for JATTS adversarial training services

Under the contract, Raytheon will deliver aerial opposing force effects, manned and unmanned targets and sophisticated electronic attack.
Australian F-35

Australia, UK open F-35 reprogramming lab

F-35 Joint Strike Fighter operators Australia and the UK have opened an F-35 Reprogramming Laboratory at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida...

Australia mulling purchase of LRASM Long Range Anti-Ship Missiles

Australia is looking to buy up to 200 LRASMs and related equipment for an estimated cost of $990 million.

Leidos partnering with local companies to deliver Australia’s CBRND program

Leidos Australia has entered into arrangements with local companies for work on a program to deliver chemical detection equipment for the Australian...

Australia picks MQ-9B Sky Guardian for its first MALE RPAS

An acquisition proposal is scheduled for government consideration in 2021-22.

Australia orders vehicle-mounted radars for NASAMS air-defense system

Australia's defense ministry has awarded Canberra-based company CEA Technologies an AU$137 million contract for the delivery of radars for the country's new...

Australia retires LADS laser depth sounder aircraft

The Royal Australian Navy’s laser airborne depth sounder (LADS) aircraft has wrapped up its final sortie after 26 years of service.

Australian landing helicopter docks achieve final operational capability

The Royal Australian Navy has declared final operational capability for its two Adelaide-class landing helicopter docks (LHD). At 230-meters...

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