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Strix UAS

BAE Systems Australia unveils new Strix tandem wing VTOL UAS

Strix is designed to carry up to a 160kg payload over 800km.

Royal Navy’s fifth Astute-class sub Anson heads home in first open...

While HMS Anson entered service in August last year, the homeport voyage is the first time the boat is heading out to open sea.

BAE, Lockheed trial UAS integration on amphibious combat vehicles

BAE Systems and Lockheed Martin's Skunk Works have completed a successful test of the Stalker and Indago small uncrewed aerial systems (UAS)...

Work begins on Royal Navy’s 3rd Dreadnought-class SSBN

A steel-cutting ceremony at the BAE Systems Barrow-in-Furness yard has marked the official start of construction of the Royal Navy's third Dreadnought-class...

Sweden orders another 20 CV90 mortars from BAE Systems

The Swedish defense ministry has placed a new order with BAE Systems for the delivery of another 20 mortar systems based on...

Germany proceeding with HK416A8 as its new assault rifle

In addition to the new rifle, the Bundestag also approved the purchase of new Cold Weather All-Terrain Vehicles from BAE Systems.
Japan, UK, Italy next-generation fighter announcement

Japan, UK, Italy merge fighter projects into Global Combat Air Program

Merging the Tempest effort in the UK and the F-X fighter program in Japan, GCAP will aim to develop a next-generation fighter aircraft by 2035.

Royal Navy’s first Type 26 frigate finally hits the water

The lead ship of the Royal Navy's City-class frigates - HMS Glasgow - has touched the waters of the River Clyde in...

BAE Systems unveils team for US Army’s OMFV program

BAE Systems has teamed up with Elbit Systems of America, Curtiss-Wright Corporation, and QinetiQ Limited to pitch its design for the US...

Swedish Army getting two new CV90 vehicle variants

The Swedish defense procurement agency (FMV) has signed a follow-on contract with BAE Systems to develop and deliver two new variants of...

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