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Indian Army buying additional Apache helicopters from Boeing

The Indian Army will receive an additional six Apache helicopters from US defense contractor Boeing under a deal announced during the visit...

S-97 Raider, SB-1 Defiant fly together for first time in public...

SB>1 Defiant is expected to achieve a maximum speed of 463km/h and is one of two contenders for the US Army's Future Long-Range Assault Aircraft program.
Grey Wolf Helicopter

US Air Force’s MH-139A Grey Wolf completes first test flight

The helicopter was flown by an US Air Force pilot for the first time.
Super Hornet

Final contender starts Finnish Air Force’s HX fighter challenge

The final aircraft to be offered to Finland as part of the country's HX fighter procurement program have arrived at the Pirkkala...
Australia's ATS drone

Australia’s own loyal wingman to be ready for first flight this...

Boeing Australia has completed major fuselage structural assembly for the Royal Australian Air Force's first Loyal Wingman. The...

Boeing delivers first extended service life Super Hornet to US Navy

Super Hornets delivered in the early 2020s will be able to fly 10,000 hours and incorporate the new Block III capabilities.
UK RAF Poseidon P-8A

First P-8A Poseidon lands in the UK

The UK now once again has a submarine hunter after the Nimrod MR2 bowed out of service in 2010.

US Navy, Boeing fly unmanned EA-18G Growlers

A US Navy EA-18G Growler controlled two unmanned Growler jets during a recent test that was conducted by the navy and Boeing,...

Brazil clears Boeing Embraer joint venture

The Brazilian Administrative Council for Economic Defense (CADE)'s General-Superintendence (SG) has given its approval for the strategic partnership between Boeing and Embraer.

Boeing teams up with Tactical Robotics on ducted fan propulsion research

US defense contractor Boeing and Israel-based Tactical Robotics have entered into an agreement that will see the two sides explore ducted fan...

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