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Hanwha Defense announces industry team for UK’s Mobile Fires Platform program

South Korean tracked military vehicle specialist Hanwha Defense has announced a teaming agreement with several UK defense companies to work on the...

British Army begins work on Challenger MBT upgrade

The work completed under the Heavy Armour Automotive Improvement Programme will lay the foundation for the Challenger 3 upgrade.

British Army takes delivery of first of new MGB bridges

The first of 17 sets of medium girder bridges was supplied to the British Army by WFEL under a contract from October 2020.

UK buying US-built Joint Air-to-Ground Missile for its Apache helos

The decision to go for JAGM, instead of the Brimstone missile built at MBDA's UK plant, sparked criticism from UK defense experts.

S. Korea’s Hanwha to offer its K9 howitzer for UK’s Mobile...

Hanwha Defense says it is working on a 'Made in the UK' solution for the K9 self-propelled howitzer it plans to offer for the British Army's MFP program.

Rheinmetall starts construction of first Boxer vehicle prototypes for British Army

The British Army will receive the first of 500 armored vehicles at the end of 2022, with the first vehicles scheduled to be ready for service in 2023.

UK places £800M contract for Challenger 3 main battle tank upgrade

The Challenger 3 standard will introduce a new active protection system, new turrets and modular armor, and a range of other upgrades.

GDLS UK teams with MBDA for ‘Overwatch’ Ajax for British Army

GDLS UK and MBDA are offering the Ares variant of the Ajax vehicle fitted with Brimstone missiles for the British Army's 'Overwatch’ capability.

UK upgrading M270 Multiple Launch Rocket Systems for GMLRS-ER, PrSM capability

The British Army will equip 44 M270s with the ability to launch GMLRS-ER as well as Precision Strike Missiles, which have a range of 499km.

British Army expanding its unmanned systems warfighting experiment

The British Army's annual Army Warfighting Experiment (AWE) is moving to a multi-year program that will give the industry longer engagement opportunities...

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