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AFSOC Rapid Dragon palletized weapon trial

US Air Fore trials Rapid Dragon palletized weapon in Norway

The Rapid Dragon Program has completed a live fire of a JASSM-ER long-range cruise missile on a Norwegian range.
JASSM-ER Rapid Dragon arsenal plane launch

US Air Force’s Rapid Dragon palletized weapon project aces first live-fire...

The live-fire trial is the result of a two-year testing campaign with aimed at allowing cargo planes to launch missiles en masse.
AFSOC MC-130J dropping palletized munitions

USAF reveals new name for its arsenal plane program ahead of...

The US Air Force revealed that the former Palletized Munitions Program would now be known as Rapid Dragon ahead of a planned live-fire test this year.
AC-130J Ghostrider gunship

SNC gets $700m USSOCOM deal for AC-130J, MC-130J RF countermeasure systems

The systems will be delivered for AC-130J Ghostrider and MC-130J Commando II aircraft operated by Air Force Special Operations Command
US AFSOC MC-130J aircraft

SNC delivers first modified MC-130J to US Air Force Special Operations...

Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) announced it has delivered the first MC-130J equipped with the advanced airborne mission networking (AbMN) secure communications suite...

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