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US Navy simulates carrier operations with MQ-25 unmanned refueler in new...

The US Navy and Boeing have started the latest round of trials with the MQ-25 Stingray test asset at Chambers Field onboard...

Video: US Navy continues MQ-25 tests with first F-35 unmanned refueling

The first refueling flight with the F-35C precedes a modification period that will prepare the T1 test asset for a shipboard demonstration this winter.

MQ-25 unmanned tanker refuels US Navy E-2D in second milestone flight

The MQ-25 carrier-based refueling drone has achieved another milestone with the first aerial refueling flight with an E-2D aircraft

Unmanned MQ-25 refuels a manned US Navy fighter for first time...

The June 4 test with an MQ-25 and a Super Hornet marked the first ever aerial refueling operation between a manned aircraft and unmanned tanker.

US Navy MQ-25 unmanned carrier-based refueler flies with refueling pod for...

Boeing and the US Navy have flown the MQ-25 carrier-based unmanned aerial refueling vehicle with an aerial refueling store (ARS) for the...

US Navy orders three more MQ-25 unmanned refueling aircraft

Also known as Stingray, the MQ-25 is designed to deliver an organic refueling capability to extend the range of combat strike fighters and the aircraft carriers.
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