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US Army, Microsoft reach $21.9B deal for augmented reality IVAS goggles

In addition to providing enhanced situational awareness, IVAS uses AR and machine learning to enable a life-like mixed reality training to soldiers.

French Army orders 3,000 additional O-NYX night vision goggles from Thales

The French defense procurement agency DGA has awarded Thales a follow-on contract for the delivery of an additional 3,000 O-NYX night vision...

Australia investing A$173M in new night vision systems

The Australian defense ministry has awarded Missions Systems Australia an A$173 million contract for the development and delivery helmet-mounted fused night vision...

Finland orders night vision devices from Senop

The Finnish defense procurement agency has awarded local company Senop Oy a 13 million euro contract for the delivery of night vision...

Germany, Belgium launch night vision goggle project with OCCAR

A contract award is expected to be announced by mid-2021.
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