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Black Hornet 3 Norway

Norway orders Black Hornet nano drones from FLIR Systems

The Norwegian Armed Forces and US defense technology company FLIR Systems have signed a contract for the delivery of the Black Hornet...

Norway’s new Coast Guard vessels getting Kongsberg sonars

Norway-based shipbuilder Vard has awarded maritime solutions company Kongsberg Maritime a contract for the delivery of its sonars for a new class...

Kongsberg to deliver Norway’s NATO Band IV tactical radio link

The Norwegian Defence Material Agency has contracted Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS for the delivery of a new flexible high capacity radio...

Norway launches laser weapons study

The Norwegian defense ministry has announced the launch of a new research program that will aim to determine what kind of impact...
Nano satellites Birkeland and Huygens

Norway, Netherlands award military nanosatellite build contract

The satellites will demonstrate the concept of a space based spectrum monitoring system to geolocate radar signals

Norwegian-US solid fuel ramjet technology initiative pushes ahead

Ramjet engine technology promises greatly extended ranges compared to traditional rocket motors.

Coronavirus ends major NATO drill Cold Response

The field exercise of Cold Response 2020 was planned to take place from March 12 to 18.

Norwegian F-35s intercept their first Russian military aircraft

In another first, Norwegian F-35s intercept a Tupolev Tu-142 anti submarine warfare aircraft and at least one Mig-31

Norway: Stage set for 16,000-troop exercise Cold Response

The main focus will be on high-intensity combat and the development of amphibious capacities.

Norway eyes 2020 IOC for Coast Guard NH90s after years of...

A full operational capability with both the coast guard and the navy is expected to be achieved by 2024-25.

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