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UK joining EU military mobility project

The United Kingdom will be joining the European Union's military mobility project at the invitation of the Netherlands.
Sweden operates C-130

France, Germany, Sweden launch next-gen FMTC medium airlifter program

The governments of France, Germany and Sweden signed an agreement to launch the Future Mid-Size Tactical Cargo (FMTC) program that is poised...

US, Canada, Norway joining EU’s military mobility project

The PESCO military mobility project was launched in 2018 to improve the EU's ability to move military personnel and materiel throughout Europe.

European shipbuilding majors team up for EU patrol corvette project

European patrol corvette is a flagship project of the PESCO program and will see four EU countries work together on the development of a corvette prototype.

Drone guides MMP missile in MBDA’s beyond line of sight test

French missile specialist MBDA has carried out the first demonstration of the LynkEUs beyond line sight (BLOS) engagement capability developed as part...

EDA puts its weight behind “European corvette” project

The European Defence Agency has approved the launch of a project to contribute to the development of a European patrol corvette (EPC).

MBDA to lead EU’s beyond line of sight missile system development...

Missile systems specialist MBDA has been selected to lead the development of a new beyond line sight (BLOS) capability as part of...

PESCO: Indra tapped for electronic warfare systems for future aircraft

The project is led by Spain with the participation of France, Italy, Germany and Sweden.

EU green lights TWISTER space-based missile defense system development

The system will be developed as part of the European defense cooperation framework project PESCO.

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