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Bayraktar UAV

Romania signs $321M deal to procure Turkish TB2 combat drones

The Romanian defense ministry has awarded a contract worth $321 million to Turkish defense firm Baykar for the procurement of Bayraktar TB2...
Romanian MiG-21 LanceRs

Romania retires MiG-21 fleet after series of accidents

Romania's defense ministry said it would accelerate the purchase of Norwegian F-16 after the retirement of the LanceR.
Romanian Air Force MiG-21 crash

Romanian MiG-21, IAR 330 Puma helicopter crash near country’s Black Sea...

A Romanian IAR 330 Puma crashed almost immediately after embarking on a SAR mission for the lost MiG-21 fighter.
Ukrainian Su-27 in Romania

Ukrainian Su-27 that landed in Romania on 1st day of invasion...

A Ukrainian Air Force Sukhoi Su-27 that was forced to land in Romania last week is airborne again and returning to Ukraine.
Romanian F-16 with laser guided training round

Romania getting new laser guided training rounds for its F-16s via...

The Romanian Air Force will be receiving enhanced laser guided training rounds for its F-16 Fighting Falcon combat aircraft via the NATO...
Romanian Air Force

Romania receives 17th and final F-16 from Portugal

In addition to the 17 F-16s it already acquired, Romania is also considering a purchase of up to 48 F-16 aircraft from the US.
IAR-99 trainer

Israel’s Elbit to upgrade Romania’s IAR-99 trainer jets

Israeli defense contractor Elbit Systems revealed on December 14 that it has been awarded a $27 million contract for the upgrades of...

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