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Royal Air Force 900LX VIP transport

Royal Air Force replacing retired BAe146s with two Dassault 900LX aircraft

The Royal Air Force's now-retired fleet of four BAe146 will be replaced by two Dassault 900LX aircraft.
Typhoons in Nevada

Australian, UK fighters arrive in the US for Red Flag maneuvers

Fighter jets from Australia and the United Kingdom have arrived in Nevada, United States, where they will join their US counterparts for...

Royal Air Force sending retired BAe146 Mk2s to museum, sells Mk3...

A pair of BAe146 Mk2 transport aircraft that served the Royal Air Force since 1986 are to be preserved at aviation museums...
E-3 Sentry

Chile buys three retired British E-3D Sentry aircraft

The Royal Air Force has found a buyer for three of its recently retired E-3D Sentry aircraft in the Chilean Air Force.
ZP809 arrives in the UK

Royal Air Force takes delivery of final of nine Poseidon P-8A...

The Royal Air Force welcomed the final of nine Poseidon P-8A maritime patrol aircraft on January 11, as ZP809 landed at air...
RAF Typhoon

British Typhoon records first-ever combat kill against “hostile” drone over Syria

A Royal Air Force Typhoon has shot down a small hostile drone in Syria in an event that marked the first operational...
Protector environmental testing

UK’s Protector RPAS wraps up key test campaign in the US

General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc. (GA-ASI) has completed key system-level tests for the new Protector RG Mk1 remotely piloted aircraft system (RPAS)...
RAF Reaper

UK Reaper strike takes out Daesh terrorist in Syria

A Royal Air Force remotely piloted Reaper aircraft carried out an airstrike on October 25, eliminating a Daesh terrorist in northern Syria,...
Voyager refueling a Qatari Rafale

British Voyager in air-to-air refueling first with Qatari fighter jets

Qatar Emiri Air Force Rafales have for the first time conducted air-to-air refueling sorties with a Royal Air Force Voyager tanker during...
Australian, UK, US tri-service Rivet Joint flight

Australian, UK, US crews team up for unique Rivet Joint sortie

Crews from the Royal Air Force, Royal Australian Air Force and the US Air Force recently flew a RC-135W Rivet Joint aircraft...

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