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Royal Marines honing helicasting skills provide for some majestic shots

Royal Marines honing some of their most daring commando skills provided for extraordinary imagery as they leapt ten feet from Chinook helicopters...

Royal Marines in Arctic stealth raid drills with attack submarine off...

Small teams launched from an Astute-class submarine to hone ‘subsurface insertion’ maneuvers in Norwegian fjords.

Royal Marines seeking stealthy USV for surface and sub-surface ops

The UK defense ministry has released a request for proposals for a new unmanned surface and subsurface vessel (USSV) for the Royal...

UK Royal Marines say jetpack suit not yet ready for military...

"While undoubtedly impressive, experts concluded that the kit is not ready just yet for military adoption," the Royal Navy said at the end of trial.

Thales UK gets £98.4M UK Armed Forces STARStreak SHORAD contract

The contract will provide support to the UK’s STARStreak and the new lightweight multi-role missile short range air defense (SHORAD) systems.

Royal Marines trial all-terrain vehicles in mortar maneuver drill

The UK Royal Marines recently tested their ability to move mortars around the Salisbury Plain training area using new all-terrain vehicles.

Royal Marines receiving extensively rebranded new uniforms

Royal Marines Commandos are to start receiving new uniforms that have underwent what the service describes as "the most significant transformation and...

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