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US Air Force T-7A trainer aircraft

Sweden’s Saab starts work on US Air Force’s new T-7A trainer

The T-7A will be the US Air Force's trainer for fifth-generation fighter jets.

Saab contracted for further US Marine Corps G/ATOR radar deliveries

Northrop Grumman has awarded Saab a follow-on contract for the delivery of components and subsystems for full rate production of the Ground/Air Task Oriented...

German Army combat vehicle simulators getting mid-life upgrades

Saab has signed a contract for a mid-life upgrade programme of the German Army’s AGDUS combat vehicle simulators. The...

Latvia orders additional disposable AT4 rocket launchers

The Latvian Armed Forces have awarded Saab a follow-on contract for the deliveries of the shoulder-launched disposable AT4 weapon system.

US Army IBCS integrates Saab radar with CAMM missile in latest...

IBCS integrates disparate radars and weapons to construct a far more effective Integrated Air and Missile Defense enterprise.

Gripen development simulator opens in Brazil

The S-Rig in São Paulo State is the first Gripen development simulator installed outside of Sweden.
GlobalEye AEW&C aircraft

UAE eyes procurement of further GlobalEye airborne early warning & control...

The United Arab Emirates disclosed that they intend to buy an additional two GlobalEye airborne early warning & control aircraft that would...

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