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Dutch military now has its own Roll-on Roll-off ship for first...

The Dutch defense ministry has officially started operations with its very own Roll-on Rolf-off ship, using it to send first troops and...

Dutch mull $1.2B buy of missiles for Patriot air defense system

The US state department has approved the potential sale of Patriot MIM-104E guidance enhanced missile-tactical (GEM-T) ballistic missiles to the Netherlands for...
Dutch Apache

US, Netherlands sign agreement on future helicopter cooperation

The Dutch defense ministry and the US military have signed an agreement on the sharing of information and developments in rotorcraft systems,...
Royal Netherlands Air Force G650 VIP transport

Dutch Air Force buys used Gulfstream 650 for VIP missions

The Dutch defense ministry revealed it has purchased a used Gulfstream 650 (G650) VIP transport aircraft which it will put into service...

Dutch patrol ship sustains heavy damages in dry dock fire

The fire that broke out aboard patrol ship HNLMS Zeeland in the early morning hours of June 4 caused significant damage to...

Germany and Netherlands sending six more PzH2000 howitzers to Ukraine

The defense ministries of the Netherlands and Germany announced they would deliver another six PzH2000 self-propelled armored howitzers to Ukraine.
Dutch F-35

Netherlands confirms buy of 6 more F-35 fighters, 4 Reapers

The Netherlands defense ministry has revealed plans to accelerate its purchase of an additional six F-35 fighter aircraft as well as four...

United States approves Chinooks for Egypt, HIMARS launchers for Australia

The US has approved the sale of 23 Chinook helos to Egypt and 20 HIMARS launchers to Australia.

Dutch MoD accelerates ammunition buy citing ‘tightening’ market

The Netherlands expects peak capacity of the ammunition industry to be reached soon, resulting in increases in lead times.
Dutch F-35A in Bulgaria

Dutch F-35s land in Bulgaria for NATO air policing mission

The Royal Netherlands Air Force has deployed four F-35A fifth-generation fighters to Bulgaria where they will support NATO's air policing mission.

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