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US Marine Corps outlines infantry modernization efforts

The Marine Corps has been investing time, money and resources into modernizing the force to meet objectives outlined in the Commandant’s Planning...
APG-79(V)4 on a US Marine Corps Hornet fighter

Raytheon delivers first APG-79(V)4 AESA radar for legacy USMC Hornets

The US Marine Corps' is buying new AESA radars for its F/A-18 Hornet to allow the aircraft to remain in service until 2030.

Textron pitches Cottonmouth armored vehicle for the US Marines’ LAV successor

Textron Systems says the Cottonmouth armored vehicle was purpose-built for the US Marine Corps' Advanced Reconnaissance Vehicle (ARV) program.
60th USMC KC-130J

US Marine Corps receives first KC-130J with Block 8.1 cockpit upgrade

The upgraded aircraft is also the 60th KC-130J delivered to the US Marine Corps by Lockheed Martin.

US Marine Corps F-35Bs arrive in the UK for Big Lizzie’s...

US and UK F-35B fighter jets will form the largest 5th-generation carrier air wing in the world for the maiden deployment of HMS Queen Elizabeth.
US Marine Corps TRUAS resupply drone trials

US Marines testing TRUAS resupply drones at Yuma Proving Ground

The Marines are in the process of buying a tactical resupply drone that can transport at least 60 pounds of cargo through a 10-kilometer radius.

JLTV debuts at sea with USS Iwo Jima ARG deployment

This is the first officially confirmed deployment of the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle with an East Coast MEU.

PETA wants the US Marines to stop drinking snake blood on...

The US Marine Corps has a long tradition of killing snakes as part of jungle survival training that takes place at the...

Japan welcomes second pair of V-22 Ospreys at MCAS Iwakuni

Japan welcomed its second pair of V-22 Ospreys as they arrived at Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS), Iwakuni, Japan.

BAE gets further $183M for US Marine Corps ACV deliveries

The US Marine Corps Systems Command has awarded BAE Systems Land & Armaments a $183.8 million contract modification for the delivery of...
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