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Danish Army selects RUAG system as its new shooting simulator

SITTAL simulator
Photo: RUAG

Denmark’s defense procurement agency (FMI) announced that it has selected RUAG Defense France as the preferred contractor for the delivery of new shooting simulators to the country’s armed forces.

A total of 13 systems are being acquired to replace simulators currently in service, the oldest of which were delivered close to 30 years ago. Some of the old systems were delivered by a no-longer-existing Danish company, and some by Thales.

RUAG will be delivering its SITTAL – small arms technical training simulator, with the first delivery scheduled to take place in the second half of 2021.

SITTAL is also used by French Forces for initial and refresher training. The system will offer instructor and individual soldier training in realistic and relevant 3D environments (desert, semi-desert, urban etc.) with five to ten participants.

As noted by FMI, the main advantage of the system is that it offers instructors access to the shooting technical data that reveal the individual soldier’s behavior with the weapon in question.

The system will also offer visualization of shooting errors in relation to sight, pull, and breathing errors, increasing the ability of instructors to check, correct, and guide.