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Ospreys in flight

Ospreys across US armed forces hit by flight restrictions over clutch...

A number of V-22 Osprey aircraft from the US Marine Corps, US Air Force Special Operations Command and US Navy will be...



US approves $10B HIMARS package for Poland

The approval will allow Poland to continue boosting its military capability with high-profile purchase.

Germany, Netherlands, Denmark buying 100 restored Leopard 1 tanks for Ukraine

The defense ministries of Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark will be jointly financing the refurbishment of old Leopard 1 A5 tanks for...


Watch the US Air Force unveil B-21 – its first new...

The nuclear-capable B-21 is a long-range, highly survivable, penetrating strike stealth bomber that will incrementally replace the B-1 and B-2 bombers.

US, Royal navies sink retired US Navy frigate in North Atlantic

Ships and aircraft from the UK and the US fired a range of missiles at the ex-USS Boone during the Atlantic Thunder SINKEX.