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NATO secures $10B in defense procurements for deterrence and Ukraine support

Patriot missile defense system
Illustration: US Army file photo of a live fire exercise with Patriot missiles

The NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) finalized contracts totaling $10 billion to acquire essential defense assets, including Patriot missiles, artillery, anti-tank guided missiles, tank ammunition, and aircraft.

Since the adoption of the NATO’s Defense Production Action Plan in July 2023, the NSPA has executed contracts worth around $10 billion, showcasing the transatlantic defense industry’s ability to strengthen NATO’s deterrence and defense capabilities.

Recent acquisitions include a $5.5 billion contract for 1,000 Patriot missiles and a $4 billion investment in 155-mm artillery, anti-tank guided missiles, and tank ammunition. Additionally, NATO’s procurement agency is set to sign a contract in 2024 for the purchase of six E-7A Wedgetail aircraft.

“This demonstrates that NATO’s tried and tested structures for joint procurement are delivering,” said Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and General Manager of the NSPA. “Russia’s war in Ukraine has become a battle for ammunition, so it is important that Allies refill their own stocks, as we continue to support Ukraine.”

As per the official report, these procurement initiatives are poised to contribute significantly to the security and resilience of NATO member countries, demonstrating unity against emerging threats.