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Ballistic missile emulating drone

NATO develops drone to test its air defense radars against ballistic...

The new technology allows NATO partners to perform air-defense radar test campaigns without the associated high costs or time-consuming processes.

NATO Joint Force Command Norfolk reaches full operational capability

The NATO command is the only Joint Force Command in North America, and one of three operational-level commands reporting to Supreme Allied Commander Europe.
NATO AWACS is set to retire in 2035

NATO launches feasibility study tender for AWACS successor

Six companies have already delivered concept studies on how NATO could meet the Alliance Future Surveillance and Control (AFSC) requirements by 2035.
Romanian F-16 during Black Sea ADEX

NATO wraps up air defense drill as Dutch, UK warships exit...

NATO air and maritime forces completed an air defense exercise (ADEX) in the Black Sea on July 2 as a Royal Navy...

Germany pulling platoon from Lithuania amid sexual misconduct, extremism allegations

In addition to sexual misconduct and extremist behavior, the German defense ministry is looking into other irregularities, including missing ammunitions.
Arctic Challenge Exercise

NATO countries pooling jet pilot training assets through new network

The NATO High Visibility Project is expected to reduce training costs and increase interoperability among participating air forces.

NATO’s most important drill in the Baltics turns 50

First held in 1972, BALTOPS is a joint, maritime-focused exercise demonstrating NATO unity and will to defend the Baltic Sea countries.

Europe’s largest air and missile defense drill gets underway

15 ships from 10 nations will test DART munitions, SM-2, SM-3, ESSM, and Aster 15 and 30 missiles against live targets during Formidable Shield.

NATO R-SOCC special ops command reaches initial operational capability in Hungary

Regional Special Operations Component Command (R-SOCC) will boost the ability of NATO nations to employ their special operations forces.

Largest NATO drill on European soil in decades officially kicks off

Paratroopers from the US, Poland, the Netherlands, and Romania started the first of many drills that will take place during Defender Europe 21.
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