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Swedish Armed Forces secure tank simulators in partnership with KNDS

Photo: KNDS

With the support of the Swedish Defense Materiel Administration (FMV), the Swedish Armed Forces signed a contract with the German company KNDS, formerly known as KMW, to purchase new tank simulators for Tank 122.

The new simulators will take the place of the current tower crew training facilities (TBTA) within the units and the crew training facility (BTA) at the Ground Combat School.

“In addition to replacing the older simulators, a simulator is added to P18 on Gotland. In addition, we are increasing the number of simulators on I19 in the north and P7 in the south,” said Pontus Berg, Materiel Area Manager for Leopard Tanks at the Army Staff of the Swedish Armed Forces.

The newly introduced simulator will facilitate training for an entire tank crew, encompassing the tank commander, gunner, driver, and loader, throughout various training phases — from fundamental position training to unit-level exercises. Similar to the live equipment, the simulator will feature the latest management support system.

“This project will strengthen Sweden’s defense capabilities. Sweden has always been good at using modern simulators and now we are once again taking a real step forward in development. Much thanks to an exceptionally good collaboration with everyone involved in the Armed Forces, at KNDS, and FMV,” said Claes Hallbäcken, FMV project manager.

Continuous deliveries to the Swedish Armed Forces will occur until 2029.