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Sweden acquires 48 Archer systems and begins delivery to the UK

Photo: BAE Systems Bofors

The Swedish Defense Materiel Administration (FMV) announced the procurement of 48 Archer artillery systems for the Swedish Armed Forces, while simultaneously marking the moment of delivering the first Archer unit to the United Kingdom.

FMV has inked a contract with BAE Systems valued at approximately $450 million to supply the Swedish Army with 48 Archer 155mm self-propelled howitzers, with the first delivery expected to take place in 2025.

The upcoming batch of Archer artillery systems will feature a new platform, the Rheinmetall MAN military vehicle (RMMV) HX2 8×8, as opposed to the Bofors truck utilized in previous versions.

In November 2022, Sweden took delivery of its final Archer artillery system from BAE Systems, marking the completion of its previous contract with the British-based company. This new procurement is intended to replenish the portion of 155mm self-propelled howitzers that were donated to Ukraine.

For the same strategic purpose, the British Army acquired Archer self-propelled howitzers as a temporary replacement for the 32 AS90 artillery systems donated to Ukraine.

The contract, signed in March, involved the sale of 14 Archer artillery systems to the UK. After the required work and test firing were successfully completed, the first unit was officially handed over to the UK on September 14th.

In addition to the artillery system itself, the agreement also includes training and an initial ammunition package.

“We are happy to be able to welcome another user country into the Archer family. This is also important because it enables Sweden’s and Great Britain’s continued support with artillery systems to Ukraine,” said Jonas Lotsne, head of operational area army FMV.

Archer demonstrates accuracy in firing anti-armor munitions within a range of up to 35km, while achieving distances of 40km for conventional munitions and surpassing 50km for precision-guided Excalibur munitions. Its automated magazines offer versatility by accommodating different ammunition types and modular charges, making it suitable for a range of mission requirements.