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Sweden promises Archer howitzers for Ukraine

Sweden will send Archer howitzer to Ukraine
Photo: Swedish Army

Sweden will be transferring the Archer self-propelled howitzers to Ukraine in one of the future military aid packages, the country’s foreign affairs minister confirmed.

Speaking to reporters at a local press conference, foreign minister Tobias Billström said the systems are being donated after Ukraine “clearly requested them,” adding it was not a question whether Sweden should send them, but when.

According to earlier reports, Sweden’s defense ministry already said it could provide Ukraine with 12 of the 48 Archer 155mm howitzers it currently has in service.

Sweden is the launch customer for the system, having received the last of the initial 48 vehicles in 2022.

Mounted on a Volvo dumper, the Archer has an operational range of 500km, with the automated magazine capable of carrying 21 rounds. The Archer also has a Kongsberg Protector remote-controlled weapon station for close in defense.

The howitzer can also fire the Bonus anti-armor munition up to 35km, conventional munitions up to 40km, and the precision-guided munition Excalibur in excess of 50km.

In June last year, the Swedish defense procurement agency FMV and BAE Systems Bofors signed a letter of intent (LOI) for the purchase of additional Archer 155mm howitzers.

Sweden’s Archer would be one of several systems of its kind already donated to Ukraine by countries around the world. Self-propelled howitzers currently operating in Ukraine include the Zuzana 2, M777, FH70, CAESARs, M109, Krab and PzH2000 howitzers.