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Germany sends €400 million support to Ukrainian armed forces

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and the German Minister of Defense Boris Pistorius. Photo: Ukrainian Government

The German government has announced a new 400 million euro military support package for Ukraine, covering artillery, air defense, ammunition, endurance, and the training of the Ukrainian military.

The recent announcement follows a gathering of delegates from approximately 50 nations and international institutions convened in Ramstein on September 19, with attendees hailing from the EU, NATO, Kosovo, Morocco, and Australia.

The primary focus of this package centers on ammunition provision. Germany’s commitment involves supplying Ukraine with 30,000 155 mm projectiles, approximately 3,800 smoke shells for 155 mm artillery systems, 105,000 120 mm tank projectiles, and 480 AT-2 projectiles designed for multiple-launch rocket systems.

Furthermore, the package encompasses 200 MRAP combat armored vehicles, specifically designed to enable sappers to safely approach Russian mine barriers. It also includes winter clothing, a mobile field hospital, and spare parts for existing armaments already in the possession of the Ukrainian military.

Additionally, the statement regarding military aid to Ukraine highlights the provision of 50 surface drones expected to “throw back the aggressor not only on land but also at sea,” as stated in the official announcement.

Germany also announced it will continue support by training Ukrainian forces. The government has reported that nearly 7,000 Ukrainian soldiers have been trained in Germany since the start of the Russian aggression on Ukraine, with 900 currently undergoing training.

The new target is to train 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers by year-end, focusing on lower-level management personnel such as group leaders, platoon commanders, and company commanders. Additionally, specialized training for an infantry battalion and Leopard 1A5 maintenance workers will take place in Germany.

“The Ukrainian counteroffensive is underway under the most adverse circumstances. The Ukrainian soldiers fight their way through the massive Russian mine barriers meter by meter. During the discussions here in Ramstein, it became clear to everyone that Ukraine’s fighting spirit is unbroken and its ingenuity is inexhaustible, ” said Germany’s Inspector General Carsten Breuer.

On September 11, Rheinmetall announced its commitment to deliver an additional 40 Marder infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine at a cost in the “double-digit million-euro range.” This order was initiated by the German government in August, bringing Germany’s total contribution to Ukraine to €8 billion since the start of Russian aggression.