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Sweden receives first upgraded Gävle-class corvette after years of delays

The Göteborg-class corvettes will be known as the Gävle-class after the second unit is delivered later in 2022.

Sweden procuring another 100 special operations snowmobiles

The Swedish defense ministry has exercised an option for the purchase of an additional 100 snowmobiles for the country's special operations units.
Gripen C/D

Sweden contracts Saab for Gripen C/D enhancements

Work under the project will also include harmonization with the JAS 39 E Gripen to enable collaboration between the two versions of the Gripen.
Two Russian SU 27s and two Russian SU 24s violated Swedish airspace east of Gotland.

Russian fighters violate Swedish airspace

A total of four Russian Air Force fighter jets violated Sweden's airspace on March 2, the Swedish defense ministry confirmed.

Sweden offers its CV90 vehicle for Slovakia’s IFV program

The Swedish defense procurement agency (FMV) has offered the CV90 combat vehicle to Slovakia as part of the central European country's infantry...

Sweden joining Patria-led multinational armored vehicle project

Sweden has officially announced its desire to join the Finnish-led common armored vehicle system (CAWS) program, which has already attracted three neighboring...

Swedish special forces receive 100 new snowmobiles

The Swedish defense procurement agency FMV has delivered 100 specially adapted snowmobiles with associated sleds, tools and spare parts to the Swedish...

US hands over first Patriot air defense system to Sweden

The Swedish defense ministry has taken delivery of its first complete Patriot missile defense system from the United States in a ceremony...

Sweden buying small artillery boats for archipelago defense

Sweden wants to buy small artillery platforms with distributed systems for indirect fire support to defend the islands in its archipelago.
Saab GlobalEye AEW&C

Sweden starts process to buy Saab’s GlobalEye AEW&C aircraft

The Swedish Armed Forces have submitted an official request to the government to begin the acquisition of new radar reconnaissance and command...

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