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Sweden orders another 20 CV90 mortars from BAE Systems

The Swedish defense ministry has placed a new order with BAE Systems for the delivery of another 20 mortar systems based on...

Sweden promises Archer howitzers for Ukraine

Sweden will be transferring the Archer self-propelled howitzers to Ukraine in one of the future military aid packages, the country's foreign affairs...

Swedish Army getting two new CV90 vehicle variants

The Swedish defense procurement agency (FMV) has signed a follow-on contract with BAE Systems to develop and deliver two new variants of...

Swedish troops come under fire in Mali during MINUSMA mission

Swedish troops came under fire on Monday, October 24, in an incident that took place some eight miles from Gao.

Sweden trials Enforcer III unmanned boat during maneuvers

The Swedish Navy has spent the last few days trialing a range of operational concepts that have included the operation of unmanned...
RAF Typhoons in Finland and Sweden

UK deploys F-35Bs, Typhoons to Finland, Sweden for joint drills

Royal Air Force Typhoon FGR4 and F-35B Lightning jets spent the past month in Finland, while Typhoon FGR4 jets flew to Sweden,...
Sweden operates C-130

France, Germany, Sweden launch next-gen FMTC medium airlifter program

The governments of France, Germany and Sweden signed an agreement to launch the Future Mid-Size Tactical Cargo (FMTC) program that is poised...

Sweden lines up additional Archer Howitzer buy

The Swedish defense procurement agency FMV and BAE Systems Bofors have signed a letter of intent (LOI) for the purchase of additional...
Swedish Air Force C-130

Sweden replacing old C-130Hs with Italian C-130J airlifters

The Swedish defense ministry has decided not to upgrade its ageing C-130H airlifter, opting instead for the purchase of newer Italian C-130J...

US, European navies start rehearsals for major BALTOPS maneuver

The annual maritime-led joint Baltic Operations (BALTOPS 22) exercise, which will involve 14 NATO allies, two partner nations Sweden and Finland, more...

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