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Biofuel Gripen fighter jet

Sweden to carry out another biofuel test with a Gripen fighter

The Swedish defense procurement agency FMV has extended a contract with GKN Aerospace Sweden for continued RM12 engine testing with a 50/50...

Latvia, Estonia place orders for Carl-Gustaf M4 grenade launchers

The two countries are set to receive the latest version of the grenade launchers between 2021 and 2024.

Swedish Navy receives lead Gotland-class sub after mid-life upgrade

HSwMS Gotland, the first of two Royal Swedish Navy Gotland-class submarines, was re-delivered to the service on May 14, after completing an...
RBS-15 long-range fire-and-forget surface-to-surface and air-to-surface, anti-ship missilevideo

Watch the Swedish Armed Forces in “one of a kind” tri-service...

The navy and the air force fought jointly, coordinated in time and space from the ground, at sea and from the air against naval surface targets.
Saab SK 60 training aircraft

Swedish Air Force wants new training aircraft by 2023

Sweden is replacing the SK 60 trainer which entered service in the 1960s.

Sweden awards Nammo $67m contract for small caliber ammunition

The contract covers six different ammunition types, both for training and combat.
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