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Patria to deliver Nemo mortars for new Swedish artillery boats

Illustration. Photo: Patria

Finnish defense technology company Patria has revealed it will be supplying its Nemo turreted 120 mm systems for the Swedish military’s new mortar vessels.

Patria is delivering its mortar system to the Swedish armed forces for the first time as a subcontractor to Swede Ship Marine AB. Amphibious units in Stockholm and Gothenburg will soon have eight vessels that can provide artillery support from the sea.

The vessels have been ordered by FMV (Försvarets materielverk) from Swede Ship Marine AB. In addition, Patria is also delivering its Nemo mortar systems for training purposes.

Patria Nemo Navy is a light and compact system, suitable for fast-moving naval fleets and mechanized fleets. The turret can be integrated into a variety of platforms, including Patria 6×6 armored vehicle, which the Swedish armed forces have already ordered from Patria.

“We have developed the best possible solution for Swedish amphibious troops together with Swede Ship Marine AB. It is yet another example of Swedish–Finnish corporate cooperation, and it also confirms the unique position of Patria’s NEMO mortar system in the Nordic market, as well as globally,” says Mats Warstedt, Head of Market Area Nordics at Patria.

The introduction of sea-mobile artillery platforms is expected to offer an advantage on the battlefield by allowing swift regrouping and rapid fire support in combat situations.

The Amphibious Battalion, which will be set up as part of the project Amfbat 2030, will leverage many smaller functional units, with command, sensor data and operational components distributed on different platforms for indirect fire support.