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Leonardo wins contract to supply the RAT 31 DL/M air defense radar to German Air Force

Photo: Leonardo

The NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) has awarded Leonardo a contract to provide a new RAT 31 DL/M long-range deployable air defense radar (DADR).

The German Air Force, which currently operates two systems that have been in service since the early 2010s, will operate the newly acquired radar, along with the existing systems, following a midlife upgrade.

In addition to the technological upgrade of the first two German Air Force’s RAT 31 DL/M systems, which were recently covered by separate contracts, the scope of supply also encompasses support activities such as logistic studies, training, and operational start-up.

Leonardo sold more than 70 RAT 31 (fixed and mobile version) units across 18 countries worldwide. And this is the first time since the 1990s, NSPA has acquired a complete radar system.

The RAT31 DL/M is a solid-state 3D surveillance radar operating in the L-band frequency, specifically designed to provide extensive territorial coverage. This radar system belongs to a family of long-range systems that possess surveillance, air defense, and missile capabilities, including the interception of ballistic missiles, to support both homeland security and operational missions.

The radar system can adapt to the challenges posed by a broad range of operational scenarios, including where the radar has to face jamming and heavy clutter at the same time, according to the company. Its solid-state technology allows for a ‘graceful degradation’, where even if some radar modules fail, the overall performance of the radar is maintained.