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United Kingdom, Norway announce new tranche of support for Ukraine

British Army file photo of a Challenger 2 tank

After the two-day NATO Summit in Vilnius, Lithuania, UK and Norway announced a new aid package for Ukraine.

The anticipated agreement, to be endorsed by all G7 members, will outline the manner in which allies intend to assist Ukraine in ceasing the war and preventing or responding to future attacks.

It is the first time that this many countries have agreed on a comprehensive long-term security arrangement of this kind with another country.

The UK will provide Ukraine with over 70 combat and logistics vehicles, including CVRT vehicles, supporting Ukraine’s front-line forces by facilitating the transportation of essential ammunition and equipment, aiding in the evacuation of injured soldiers, and assisting in the recovery of damaged vehicles.

Additionally, as part of this initiative, thousands of additional rounds of Challenger 2 ammunition will be promptly delivered to Ukraine. Furthermore, a new equipment support contract worth £50 million (approx. $65 million USD) will ensure the upkeep of the platforms that the UK has already supplied to Ukraine, encompassing spare parts, technical assistance, and maintenance training.

Also, the UK plans to launch a project through NATO to establish a medical rehabilitation center to support the recovery and return of soldiers to Ukraine’s lines of defense after being injured in combat.

Norway’s Defense Ministry has announced a donation of 1,000 domestically produced Black Hornet nanodrones, along with a NASAMS support package and field rations, to Ukraine. Additionally, Norway will join the coalition to train the Ukrainian Air Force in operating F-16s.

“The Norwegian-developed drone from Teledyne FLIR is a global market leader. It is used in a number of allied countries, including the United States and Great Britain,” said Norwegian Defense Minister Bjørn Arild Gram.

The drone is used for reconnaissance and target identification. It is easy to operate, robust depending on the conditions, difficult to detect and particularly well suited for combat in urban areas,” he added.

The Black Hornet is a military micro unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) weighing 32 grams that has been adopted by over 40 customers globally, with the United States as its largest recipient. This compact drone, called the Black Hornet PRS, transmits live video and high-definition still images back to the operator and offers a flight time of up to 25 minutes, stated the producer.

In addition to UK’s and Norway’s aid package, other nations also brought their own contributions to the summit. Germany, for instance, unveiled a $770 million aid package, which includes the provision of new Patriot air defense systems. Furthermore, France announced its intention to transfer long-range SCALP missiles as part of their assistance package.