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Ukrainian soldiers to begin training on Patriot systems in the US...

Ukrainian soldiers are set to start training on the Patriot air defense system in the United States as soon as next week,...

US approves Patriot missile system for Ukraine as Zelenskyy visits Washington

The US Defense Department has approved the transfer of a single Patriot air defense missile system to Ukraine on the day of...

Patriot missile production coming to Germany

Raytheon and MBDA Deutschland have entered into an agreement on the future production of Patriot air-defense system GEM-T interceptors in Germany.

US approves Swiss Patriot PAC-3 missile buy

The US State Department has approved a potential sale of PAC-3 missiles for the Patriot air defense system to Switzerland.

US Army puts Patriot battery in NATO hands in Slovakia

A US Army Patriot battery recently came under NATO command, joining German and Dutch Patriot units in Slovakia as part of NATO’s...

US Army testing newest upgrades to Patriot missile system

US Army soldiers and government civilians have started a yearlong test on the latest Patriot missile system upgrade.

US clears $5B in THAAD, Patriot missile system sales to UAE,...

The US State Department has approved potential sales of missiles and other equipment for the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) and...

Dutch mull $1.2B buy of missiles for Patriot air defense system

The US state department has approved the potential sale of Patriot MIM-104E guidance enhanced missile-tactical (GEM-T) ballistic missiles to the Netherlands for...

Poland signs papers for additional six Patriot batteries from the US

The Polish defense ministry has kicked off the second phase of its Wisła air defense program with the signing of a letter...

US approves Taiwan for $100M worth of Patriot missile system upgrades

The US State Department has approved Taiwan for an upgrade and sustainment package for its Patriot missile defense system.

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